d'Oliveiras 1994 Malvasia Madeira Frasqueira


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COUNTRY: Portugal
GRAPE(S): 100% Malvasia
TYPE: Wine - Fortified
ALC BY VOL(%): 20%

Main Varietal Styles of Madeira

Malvasia (Malmsey) (THIS WINE)
These are the sweetest and softest style of Madeira with the lowest apparent acidity in the wines.  On the nose palate, the wines explode with toffee, caramel and vanilla aromas in huges density and length.  Yet they still manage to maintain a fine, laser edge of acidity on the palate.

The driest and least sweet style of Madeira, it has high acidity and when mature it's typical citrus flavors evolve into a more complex almond, nut, ginger and dried floral set of aromas and flavors.

Sercial is the second driest and a medium-dry wine with high acidity.  A smoky, honeyed and nut character, with caramelized, roasted citrus notes. The wines are slightly fuller in body than Sercial and line up #2 on the scale of density and sweetness with #1 being the driest and least sweet.

Boal (Bual)
Coming it at #3 on the sweetness and least dry scale of the 4 noble Maderia wines, Bual is medium sweet, rich style of wine.  The acidity however is still powerful enough to dominate the finish, providing energy and length to these extended barrel-aged wines.  Highly aromatic with caramel, roasted nut, raisin and, toffee and coffee flavors.  Bual also tends to be the darkest varietal Madeira in colour, but not the sweetest.

Madeira Malvasia (or Malmsey) is a kind of fortified wine made from the Malvasia family of grape varieties under Portugal's Madeira DOC. It is the sweetest, richest form of Madeira, and is typically made in a style that contains more than twice the residual sugar found in Madeira Sercial or Madeira Verdelho. The next sweetest in the spectrum is Madeira Bual.

Malvasia is one of the most popular white grapes in the Mediterranean.  Believed to be of Greek origin, the Malvasia family has been commercially important to the Mediterranean for more than 2000 years. Malvasia, the name, is a derivation of the coastal Greek town of Monemvasia, where the Venetians had a strategically important fortress and trading post during the time of their empire.

Producer Background
Pereira d'Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda, the official full name of the company that just goes by d'Oliveiras, is a hyper-traditional independent Madeira producer/shipper.  The family-operated firm is headed by the fifth generation of descendants determined to maintain the traditions and distinctiveness with which their Maderia are made.

Since 1820 the company has evolved from 5 different producers/exporters that combined forces over the years to survive and bolster each other in a world that saw less and less Madeiras consumption.  But, together they had the foresight over the decades to age large portions of their stocks in warehouses where the canteiro process turns these wines into these magical elixirs.

Frasqueira (sometimes called Garrafeira) on a vintage Madeira must be aged for a minimum of 20 years in cask and at least 2 years in the bottle before release. The special result of this long aging in barrel is only possible because of the warm, muggy tropical climate of the island, this is the canteiro process.

A frasqueira wine may be produced from a single varietal or a blend.  A minimum of 85% of the stated vintage on the bottle is required.  This does allow for topping up older barrels with younger wines throughout the aging process due to evaporation loss.  To limit evaporation loss, a Frasqueira may be aged for additional time in glass demijohns after the period of cask aging (20 years).

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